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Was School Really So Cool?

To all the 18 year olds, or soon to be 18 year olds standing at the threshold of life, your state of ambivalence is probably shared by fresh high school graduates all around the world. Daydreaming of stepping into a new exciting life sounds about just as fun as the idea of having to live a life without mom and dad cleaning up your mess sounds miserable.  But hey! We won’t begin with the cheesy old cliché- “Oh! High school comprises the best years of your life! I wish those years never ended!”


Certainly, though, this phase of life will be missed. Texting during classes, doodling on notebooks, inane talks with our best friends or imitating teachers at every chance we get will surely be missed. Having said that, however, we definitely would want to grow out of this phase of our life of embarrassing fangirling, which we have already begun to will later regret (I’m seriously concerned that my obsession with Darren Criss will one day ruin my love life), correlating all of Taylor Swift songs with our life and crushes, or sleepless nights before the exam when we are desperately trying to finish our syllabus.

Yes, school is hard.

It’s not even remotely similar to High School Musical where you can break into dance numbers in the middle of the cafeteria, randomly start singing in unison or put sports and relationships ahead of school work.

This is why we do not mind a time where the “cool kids” or the nerds, both have to start afresh their own lives. Hence justice prevails!

So here we are, with our own list of why high school WON’T be missed.

1. Math Classes

“I LOVE Math!”- said no one ever.  If they did, they are probably sent by evil forces from outer space to study and destroy mankind. Because high school Math is no fun and games. Occult like symbols behind every number or studying a topic like Algebra which funnily enough has nothing to do with numbers- yes, Math is THAT annoying. And you say Math is required in everyday life? Yeah right! Because that’s what EVERYONE does in their daily life, solve ridiculous inequalities or integrate stupid numbers or find the vertical angle of a cone in a hemisphere circumscribed in a sphere inscribed in a cylinder. I would rather summon the Grim Reaper! This is why bidding farewell to school also implies bidding farewell to Math classes that I have deeply detested for so long. I’m unable to recall ONE Math class which I sat through without doodling/not paying attention/not wishing for the bell to ring/not wanting to tear the pages of my book/pull out my hair or plant a nuclear bomb in the class. So yes, I’m a Matheist, and if you’re not and you actually enjoy differentiating this 78xy2e9+48yzelog(xyz8)=4790xyex, then I just feel sorry for you.

2. Waking Up At An Insanely Early Hour In The Morning

If your school starts at 8am and your bus reaches the bus stop at 7am, then your life is doomed. Getting up early every day for school had rendered me lifeless and frail. Because even if you’re a morning person, the fact that you have school and the first period starts with you scribbling down to finish your incomplete homework and taking tests is enough to put you to sleep the entire day. 
If there is one thing I would deeply cherish doing after school, it would be catching up on my long lost sleep.

3. Morning Announcements

Good morning, children. Please maintain silence as I read to you the meeting timings for a bunch of clubs you don’t care about. The auditions for the Drama Society will be held in the Basketball court-cum-area-we-use-for-every-other-school-activity during recess. The last day to submit your application forms for the quiz no one is going to attend is Tuesday.
Then Mrs. Mukharji will tell you how much you’re being overcharged for the school trip this year. We would also like to inform you how badly our school’s Basketball team lost in a match last week. Now, the Sports Captain will tell you the importance of team spirit because she likes to hear herself talk. And since we’re celebrating Christmas week in our school, we’ll all sing a song about Santa and his sleigh. Thank you.

4. Homework

I’m pretty sure homework was invented by some teachers attempting to explode their students’ minds even when they’re at home. Homework is supposed to be a reinforcement of the concepts and information that we’re taught in school and I’m actually happy to do it if it’s mentally stimulating. But sadly, most of the work given as homework involves writing down the same things written in our textbooks in another notebook in a good handwriting. The real problem begins when you spend more time doing homework after school than the time you spend -in- school. Never ending projects, crazy long assignments and finding time to study for the class tests is the reason why we end up sleeping during class.
Teachers: “Why do you look so tired?” 
Oh, I don’t know, maybe because I stayed up all night trying to finish the assignments you gave me!
Homework can not only be a waste of time, but it also takes away from the time we actually STUDY at home. And to be honest, I’d rather throw myself in an eel pond than write pages about why “management is called an inexact science”.

There are plenty of other things that I won’t miss like the obsessive checking for uniform defaulters (how does it matter if my hair clip is black or brown?!), the terrible canteen food, that girl in my class who is only capable of talking about the latest Vogue cover, and the fact that the world “love” is tossed around like a hacky-sack no matter whom you talk to, but rant’s over for now. Ciao.

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  1. Okay this is why you should miss school

    - Holidays
    OMG!! I am never gonna get one of those ever since i started working. A little piece of my soul just dies every time i think of it

    -The ability to only be physically present
    School was amazing. there was no way they could make sure that u wernt day dreaming, doodling, sleeping wih your eyes open etc etc. Work...not the same :((

    I know you hate them. But trying 30 outfits in the morning every day to find something acceptable is a bummer

    -Half days
    Is there no end to life's cruelty?? you have had the last "HALF DAYS" of your life!! No more long naps in the afternoon never mind how sleepy lunch makes you.

    -Late nights
    Yes ji!! you think being an adult is cool. get an MBA and a job like mine and on some days all you want to do is curl up and SLEEP!!!!

    But theres hope. Coz guess what college is better than school. So enjoy the next "whatever number of years" your higher education takes. they will be the most awe-inspiring calm before the storm :D :D

  2. I completely agree with all of your points mentioned above! The fact there are certain aspects that we wouldn't miss about school surely doesn't imply that we wouln't miss school life at all! We most definitely would! The best part being that this was the time when all discussions/stress about our future or landing a decent job seemed so distant. Wish life could remain that simple. Anyway, college life surely sounds exciting. And if it is half as good as what they show in the American Pie movies, then life would not cease to be awesome!

  3. "All the points made me crack up and the entire time i was all "oh that's so true!". Having said that, however, i can't believe this is the time we are finally going to go in different directions... finding our own way. It truly is a state of ambivalence and utter confusion! But for what it's worth, here's hoping what lies ahead in front of all of us turns out to be the greatest time of our lives! Cheers!

  4. I HATE MATH TOO. Stupid subject, ruining lives. :@
    Also, I love Darren Criss :')
    I'm guessing that makes you a gLee/Harry Potter/AVPM fan too?
    Neat blog, btw! Imma follow you :D

  5. Tell me about it!
    Calculus - one of the worst things that ever happened to me. *shudders*

    I'm not a huge Harry Potter fan, but I absolutely loved AVPM. Darren Criss is gorgeous! AND he's prolly the only reason I'm obsessed with Glee.

    P.S. Yay! I'm such a fan of your blog. :D

  6. Those endless after-bell sessions that teachers were so in love with.. those early-morning "Stand-out-of-the-class" punishments and then telling her "Ma'am, a nail just ripped my bicycle's tyre and the mechanic had to shampoo his hair before getting to work" ( okay, that was fun. )... And the million dollar race after IIT. Yeah. It wasn't so cool.
    Glad, I'm out. \,,/

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