Tuesday, 2 October 2012

If It's Good For The Goose, It's Good For The Gander!

Guys can be disgusting and gross when they burp or fart in public with blithe disregard to what others may think. Why do boys and farting go together? It’s because almost all boys enjoy acting stupid. But most of all because they can get away with doing it. They don’t seem to be embarrassed about it. No apologies, no “excuse me”. And if they can trivialize it by saying it’s a natural process and they are only humans, then the same liberty ought to be given to the womenfolk as well!

The male chauvinist misogynist who came up with the notion that woman should “hold it in” or else she would be considered “unladylike” deserves to be slaughtered. Women have to put up with enough shit already. And if guys don’t put a halt to these disgusting habits, then you better be prepared to see your girls do the same in front of you as well.

Are we really still living in a world where women are supposed to be treated as delicate flowers? Frail but beautiful objects whose femininity separates them from normal bodily function.
It is okay for men to belch, have grubby fingernails, snort and snore. This is all disgusting yet totally acceptable behavior for a man. But for a woman, it’s a taboo -Women don’t belch. Women don’t snore. Women don’t snort. And they certainly do not fart.

What women do, however, is pretend to be damsels-in-distress waiting for some He-Man to be her knight in shining armor and rescue her. Sexist? Yes. But this is the notion our ancestors passed on for generations, something nobody can shake off now. It’s too late and it’s just the way it is!

Sitting with legs wide apart or cursing comes naturally to men. But not to women. And even if it does, women have to hide it and have to act like a Barbie Doll up for display in front of the opposite gender. Imagine the misery!

And after having to put up with it, we still cannot be annoyed/irritated/angry? You got to be kidding me! We don’t want to be told “Damn, she’s PMSing!” when we’re pissed off. We earn the right to be effin’ pissed off!

Is a woman loved because of her femininity, the fact that she belongs to the fairer sex or because of who she is defined as a person?

Image source: Garnetchaney.com


  1. Haha! Throughout, all i could do was grin and nod! But u know, where our kind is beginning to demand equal rights and shit, it is them who are to "tsk tsk" on such an act, as farting, the first. It is they who would label such women who "pass off gas" as gross. And that before any guy would. Yes, gone are now days when the men would want a girl who likes makeup over anything. But this mindset is an indelible one. It would maybe be impossible to switch it. :| more so in the case of our own mother!
    Anyway! It made a fun reading! Wayy too goo! :D

    1. Couldn't agree with you more!
      Women can't go against the social conventions now, can they? That, i say, on the risk of sounding like another upcoming feminist :P

      Glad you enjoyed this post anyway! Thanks!


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